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Sfih'a (Leaving with special meat mix)

Sfih'a (Leaving with special meat mix)

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Sfih'a is a traditional product that is much loved by our customers for its amazing taste. It is made from a long-fermented top and prepared using the traditional Druze technique, with crispy edges and a soft interior and a juicy meat filling seasoned with special spices.

It is served with traditional salad and tahini sauce. Ideal preparation for lunch or dinner, as an appetizer or main course, but also for meals and family events.

Prepared according to the traditional method, with original recipes and techniques and organic ingredients of the highest quality. All our preparations contain ONLY natural ingredients from reliable sources.

No additives or artificial flavors.

A portion is estimated at 3 pieces.


Minced meat from local producer, fresh parsley, organic onions, organic garlic, fresh tomatoes from local producer, wheat flour, moderate fat cow's milk yogurt, fresh yeast, extra virgin olive oil from Greece, spices, seasonings

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