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Mhammar Pita

Mhammar Pita

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A tasty and popular dish. A fluffy, long-fermented dough topped with an original UN MIX (MHAMMAR) with an explosive taste, baked just right for a perfect texture - slightly brown on the outside, but fluffy and soft on the inside. The Mhammar mixture is made from a unique mixture of ingredients (dehydrated red pepper, grated onion, fresh pepper, spices).

It is a very popular dish in the Middle East, which has been given many interpretations over time. Here we keep our promise, we make MHAMMAR PITA like its mother, authentic and traditional.

Prepared according to the traditional method, with original recipes and techniques and organic ingredients of the highest quality. All our preparations contain ONLY natural ingredients from reliable sources.

No additives or artificial flavors.

A portion is estimated at 3 pieces.


Wheat flour, low-fat cow's milk yogurt, fresh yeast, Greek extra virgin olive oil, Mhammar original blend (dried red peppers, fresh red peppers, onions), spices

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