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Traditional lunch menu

Traditional lunch menu

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Our oriental lunch menu invites you on a unique culinary journey, straight from the heart of the Orient. Each dish is a tribute to ancestral traditions, combining oriental flavors and authentic cooking techniques.

We want to Make Your Experience Unique! If you have special preferences or would like to make changes to the menu, we are happy to customize the dishes to your taste. Please call us on 0752256166 for any request or question.


1 Fatayer

Asfour beef rast

Traditional rice



Adas Mkalla (Traditional Lentil Soup)

Traditional kofta

Arabic salad

Muhallabia (traditional milk cream dessert)


1 Manakish Zaatar

Seder Mhammar (Baked chicken with tomato sauce, Mhammar sauce and potatoes)

Tabbouleh salad

Bahti (milk cream with rice)


Authentic hummus

Traditional pie

Falafel Pita (with vegetables and sauces)



Mutabal (Traditional Eggplant Salad)

Asfour grated chicken

Batata Harra (Crispy potatoes flavored with coriander)

Muhallabia (traditional milk cream dessert)

Delivery is provided by us, with promptness and attention to detail, to give you an unforgettable lunch.

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