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Kosa Mahshi (Traditional Stuffed Pumpkins)

Kosa Mahshi (Traditional Stuffed Pumpkins)

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Kosa Mahsi is a traditional dish of oriental cuisine, cooked slowly, ideal for diets, being full of vitamins and nutrients and low in calories. Zucchini with a tasty and perfectly seasoned filling, slowly cooked in the oven in a sauce based on fresh tomatoes and home-made vegetable stock.  

They are served warm, together with the side dish, salad and traditional pita. 

Cooked in a traditional method, using original recipes and techniques and ingredients from organic sources of the highest quality. All our preparations contain EXCLUSIVELY natural ingredients from reliable sources.

No additives or artificial flavors.

A portion is estimated at 250 gr.



short grain rice, beef from a local producer minced in-house, fresh tomatoes from a local producer, zucchini squash, tomato sauce made at home from fresh tomatoes, vegetable stock prepared at home from various vegetables, extra virgin olive oil originating from Greece, spices 

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