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Kibdet Jaj (Traditional dish of liver with onions)

Kibdet Jaj (Traditional dish of liver with onions)

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Kibdet Jaj (Traditional dish of liver with onions)

Discover the deep flavor of our Kibdeh Jaj, a traditional oriental dish that combines the craftsmanship of slow cooking with the rich flavors of chicken livers.

This authentic delicacy consists of the finest quality chicken livers, slow and patiently cooked to ensure a silky texture and deep flavour, alongside caramelized onions and traditional spices. 

The texture of the chicken livers, soft and full of flavor, combined with the sweetness of the onion, turns this dish into an irresistible culinary experience. 

Prepared according to the traditional method, with original recipes and techniques and organic ingredients of the highest quality. All our preparations contain ONLY natural ingredients from reliable sources.

No additives or artificial flavors.

A portion is estimated at 350 gr.




chicken liver, onion, garlic, olive oil, salt, spices

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