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Ras Asfour Traditional with beef muscle

Ras Asfour Traditional with beef muscle

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Savor a culinary masterpiece with Ras Asfour, a lush oriental dish made from the finest part of the veal - the tenderloin. It is prepared with a master's hand, so that the meat melts in the mouth, offering an unforgettable taste experience.

Ras Asfour is enriched with a mixture of caramelized onions, aromatic garlic and an intense pomegranate sauce, which adds a touch of balanced sweetness.

Try Ras Asfour and enjoy the authentic sophistication of oriental cuisine with every bite that melts in your mouth!
Prepared according to the traditional method, with original recipes and techniques and organic ingredients of the highest quality. All our preparations contain ONLY natural ingredients from reliable sources.

No additives or artificial flavors.

A portion is estimated at 400 gr.


beef loin, onion, pomegranate sauce, garlic, spices, olive oil, salt

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