Frequent questions

How can I order?

Orders are registered online on our website or by phone/whatsapp at phone number 0736390800. Choose the dishes and quantities, add them to the basket, and follow the steps to complete the order. As soon as it is registered, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with the order data.

How do I choose the delivery day?

You can choose your delivery date during checkout, and availability is displayed in real time. Keep in mind that all orders are registered at the latest on the day (until 23:59) before the desired day of delivery.

What are the quantities I need to order?

You can order any preparation in small quantities (250-500 gr) or in large quantities (over 500 gr). Next to each dish, you will find the weight options. You can also prepare your menu for an event with us. We are open to finding the most suitable solution for the special events in your life.

I have a product in my basket and I can't delete it, what should I do?

Complete the order and then please contact us and we will delete it. After you complete the order, you can contact us and we will take care of removing it from your menu.

Do the containers remain with the customer?

Sure, the containers stay with you.

How are my preparations delivered?

The dishes are packed in nature-friendly disposable casseroles, sealed for extra safety. So that no one comes into contact with the goodies you ordered, each order is delivered in an individual bag made of recyclable paper.