About Druze and Druze food

The broad context

The Druze are a small congregation that today live mainly in three concentrations in the Middle East: Syria, Lebanon and Israel. The Druze population was mostly made up of farmers, relying on local and own production, growing the land and eating its fruits.

Living as one community, albeit in different countries, this has allowed the Druze to preserve their unique culture and traditions, even in a pressing context of community values ​​and social customs. The fact that I live in different countries and in the middle of different cultures has influenced the way I live, work and communicate.

Druze food does not differ from its people. The simple but tasty food of the Druze farmers has been influenced, throughout history, by other tastes and approaches from the society they lived in, and since they traveled a lot between the countries of the Middle East, these influences came together in a a unique, special and authentic blend that created the magnificent Druze food of today.

In every dish in our kitchen there is a bit of history, cultural diversity and authenticity, which can be felt in every kitchen. Our food is neither Arab nor Syrian nor Lebanese or Israeli, it is an evolution of the origins of the farm, the cultures and the people.

So what's so special

Well, in one word - EVERYTHING, from the way of preparation, recipes, techniques and methods, to the final taste!

The authentic Druze food that we prepare and bring to you is still based on the same old way of life - the use of farm ingredients, organic and natural sources, along with the special flavors generated by the unique blend of spices.

It's healthy in every way you can think of and it's meant to keep you happy. Our dishes range from vegetarian dishes, pastries, starters and main courses to meat-based dishes.

The ingredients are simple, yet very powerful in nutritional value. We tailor our food to your taste mainly in terms of seasoning, amount of salt and subliminal ingredients, but the authentic core experience will not escape you in any way. We bring you the tastiest and most authentic "farm food" you've ever tasted.

Who are we

We are the ones who have a passion for oriental and authentic food. Our recipes come directly from an authentic Druze kitchen in Israel, the family having one of the most successful Druze restaurants that have become a reference both in Europe and the whole world, the menu being a mixture of Druze, Syrian, Lebanese food and Israeli.

Some of our special ingredients are homemade and specially brought from Israel to preserve the unique flavors and tastes. We don't use substitutes, additives or "look-alike" ingredients, we only use the original hand-prepared ingredients. So, if one of the homemade ingredients like "za'atar" or "mhammar" is no longer available in our pantry, we wait for it to arrive, without shortcuts. Therefore, some of our dishes may be unavailable at times.

Today, we want to share all of that with you!

We plan to expand our menu and bring more dishes in the future, so stay close and subscribe to get the latest new dishes we add.

Our company was born in Romania in 2021, from a Druze's passion for traditional dishes "like at his mother's home". Now, we cook in Bucharest and Vienna, participate in fairs and events in Romania and the rest of Europe, and our goal is to promote the culinary tradition of a community so little known to the general public - the Druze community.