Despre Druzi și comunitatea Druză - Intro - Druziada

About the Druze and the Druze community - Intro

The Druze people come from a relatively new and small religion that was established just over 1000 years ago in Egypt. Because of the persecution, they had to flee from Egypt and spread throughout the Middle East, but especially in Syria and Lebanon. During the years when the community had political power, settlers from Lebanon and Syria were sent south to settle in the village and protect the southern borders. Later those villages became part of other countries such as Palestine during the British Mandate and later in today's Israel.
The Druze are a congregation of farmers who lived off the land, growing and cooking what they needed to live. Of course, they lived among other groups of religion, culture and tradition, from which they were influenced either socially, culturally, but mainly food.
The Druze are very traditional and protective of their way of life, culture and religion, they have not abandoned their ways but have taken these influences and combined them with their own which, at least in the food category, has created a fascinating gastronomic selection .

The Druze are known for their hospitality, courage and generosity to the point where they are known as the "sons of generosity". In the past, the community was very protective of each other due to the constant need to protect their way of life.
Even though in modern times we witness changes within the congregation and the embracing of outside cultural influences, the core of the culture is deeply embedded in the Druze even today.

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